Huawei Network Device Simulation With eNSP

1. Overview


Normally, we can test Cisco device configuration using GNS3 or packet tracer. If you are working with Huawei device and need to test or learn its configuration, Huawei has simulation platform which is very similar to GNS3 or packet tracer called eNSP, Enterprise Network Simulation Platform.

2. Prerequisites


In this tutorial, it is assumed that:

a. You have internet access on your computer
b. You already have a Tencent account or a Linkedin account

3. Download Huawei eNSP


You can download Huawei eNSP software for this link  You may need to login with Tencent account or a Linkedin account  to be able to download eNSP.  We should also download file because it is the Huawei L3 switch and file, it is the Huawei firewall.  and contain the virtual image files to import into eNSP.

4. Install Huawei eNSP


Installing eNSP is just as simple as installing other Ms Windows software. Double click on the software and click “Next” and “Next” till it finish. After you finish installing eNSP, let start eNSP and it looks some thing as below. You may prompt for administrator privilege when starting eNSP program.

We can try to create an new topology a switch and  a router as the following.

5. Conclusion


That is all about installing Huawei eNSP for now. If you have any questions or suggestions you can always leave your comments below. I will try all of my best to review and reply them. Thank you and enjoy your ASAv lab on GNS3 VM.