Configuring Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10

1. Overview


When you have only wired internet connection with your laptop computer running Windows 10 Operating Systems (OS), you would probably want your other devices such as smart phones or tablets to be able to connect to the internet too.

In this tutorial will show you how to share your wired internet connection by configuring Windows 10 Operating Systems (OS) to be a Wi-Fi hotspot.

2. Prerequisites


In this tutorial, it is assumed that:

a. You have a laptop running Windows 10 Operating Systems (OS).
b. You have wired internet connection with your laptop.

3. Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot


Click on “Windows” icon on your the taskbar or press “Windows” key on the keyboard and then click on “Settings” icon.

On the “Windows Setting” screen click on “Network & Internet” icon.

On the “Setting” screen, click on “Mobile hotspot” option. There is drop down list of network adapter to share internet connection for this hotspot.

In our case now is the network adapter name is “Ethernet”. Click on “Edit” option to set a name and password for hotspot.

Let set “TechSpaceKH” as the hotspot name and set password as “KH@Techspace#1” like the following and then click “Save”.

Finally, switchs “Mobile hotspot” mode to “On” as the following.


4. Connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot Created


On your smart phones or tablets, switch on Wi-Fi option and we should see a new Wi-Fi networks name “TechSpaceKH” in the list. For an example now, we will use Samsung mobile running Android as the following.

Select on network name “TechSpaceKH” to connect and type in the password as the following

That is really great! Now we are connected to a Fi-Wi name “TechSpaceKH” which is a hotspot on Windows 10 Operating Systems (OS)

We can test internet connection by starting Youtub application as the following.

5. Conclusion


That’s it! Now you should be able to configure Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows 10 Operating Systems (OS). I hope you enjoy this step-by-step article. If you have any questions or suggestions you can always leave your comments below. I will try all of my best to review and reply them