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Troubleshooting Tacacs Authorization Command Issue on Cisco ASA 9.x

1. Objective   In this tutorial will explain you how to fix the issue when Cisco ASA firewall lock you out after applying Tacacs Plus authorization command. 2. Problem Description   After applying Tacacs Plus authorization command, Cisco ASA  locked out with the error message of “Command authorization failed” and…
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Configuring Site-to-Site IPSec VPN Between Cisco ASA Firewall IOS Version 9.x and Cisco Router

1. Overview   In the previous article we had talked about configuring IPSec VPN site-to-site between head office and branch office with two Cisco ASA firewall appliances. Sometime, there is a case that  both sites are not using the same devices. In this article will show you how to configure…
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Network Address Translation (NAT) on Cisco ASA Firewall Appliance IOS Version 9.x

1. Overview   Network Address Translation (NAT) is mostly happen on Cisco ASA firewall. NAT Configuration on ASA is completely different from NAT configuration on Cisco router. Likewise, even different version of ASA firewall appliance have different NAT configuration, such as old version 8.4 and new version 9.x. In this…
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