Installing Centreon 23.04 on RHEL/CentOS 8

1. Overview

Centreon is a kind sysmtem monitoring solution to monitor applications, systems and networks, with the concepts of Nagios. Centreon is an Open Source licenses yet gives us a simplified GUI to make viewing the system status. 

In this article will show how to install Centreon 23.04 for network monitoring tools, server monitoring tools, and application performance monitoring on RHEL/CentOS 8.

2. Prerequisites

In this tutorial of installing Centreon for network monitoring tools, server monitoring tools, and application performance monitoring, it is supposed that:

a. You have already install RHEL/CentOS 7 Linux server up and running. In case that you don’t, you would probably like to read this link. Minimal RHEL/CentOS 7 Installation With Logical Volume Manager (LVM).
b. You have already done the initial server setup. Please refer to this link Minimal RHEL/CentOS 7 Initial Server Setup.

3. Install Required Packages

In order to install Centreon System monitoring we need to install the remi and CodeReady Builder repositories with the following commands.

# dnf install -y dnf-plugins-core
# dnf install -y latest-8.noarch.rpm
# dnf install -y
# subscription-manager repos --enable codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
# dnf config-manager --set-enabled codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-rhui-rpms

Then, we need to enable PHP 8.1 with the below commands

# dnf module reset php
# dnf module install php:remi-8.1

4. Install MariaDB 10.5

In order to install Centreon System monitoring we need to install the MariaDB 10.5 with the following commands.

# curl -LsS | sudo bash -s -- --os-type=rhel --os-version=8 --mariadb-server-version="mariadb-10.5"

Now restart MariaDB service with the following command.

# systemctl enable mariadb
# systemctl restart mariadb

It is mandatory to secure the database’s root account prio to Centreon installation by running the following command.

# mysql_secure_installation

Answer yes to all questions by for “Disallow root login remotely?” answer no.

Please remmember your Databae root password becausse you will need this password during Centreon web installation.

5. Install Centreon 23.04

To install Centreon 23.04 directly from the repository, we first need to install the centreon-release package, which will provide the repository file.
Then, start to install the Centreon repository using this command.

# dnf config-manager --add-repo
# dnf clean all --enablerepo=*
# dnf update

Now we can start installing Centreon simply with the following command.

# dnf install -y centreon
# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl start httpd

It is equired to set the PHP time zone. To change PHP time zone run the following command as root.

echo "date.timezone = Europe/Paris" >> /etc/php.d/50-centreon.ini
systemctl restart php-fpm

For services start automatically during system bootup, we need to run below commands.

# systemctl enable php-fpm httpd centreon cbd centengine gorgoned snmptrapd centreontrapd snmpd
# systemctl enable crond
# systemctl start crond

Now it is time to do Centreon Web installation. Log in to Centreon web interface via the URL http://Your-IP/centreon.

Click on Next on Centreon setup wizard below.

We need to make sure that all modules and prerequisites are checked.

Just need to click “Next” on below screen. 

Just need to click “Next” on below screen. 

We need to define someinformation for the default admin account creation. This is the user account that we will use to log in to Centreon after finish the instalation.
The password must be 12 characters minimum with lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters.

Enter the MariaDB root password for below step.

Make sure the follow are all in “OK” status.

Select all those modules and widgets to be installed, then click “Install”.

And then click “Next”

Now click on “Finish” and the instalation is completed now. 

You can now log in using the admin account that you created earlier in above step.

To start  monitoring, we need initialize the Poller. 

Go to “Configuration” > “Pollers”, click on “Export configuration”, check “Move Export Files” and then click on “Export”

Then, we need to start the following services

# systemctl restart cbd centengine
# systemctl restart gorgoned
# systemctl start snmptrapd centreontrapd
# systemctl start snmpd

6. Conclusion

That’s all about Installing Centreon 23.04 performance monitoring application as a network monitoring tools, server monitoring tools, and application performance monitoring for IT infrastructure monitoring on RHEL/CentOS 8 from Tech Space KH. 
Centreon performance monitoring application is one of the best network monitoring tools  and server monitoring tools. Hopefully, you can find this guide informative.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can always leave your comments below. I will try all of my best to review and reply them.